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Are you caught between rising costs for health care and health insurance premiums
and limited resources to pay for medical services?

Passage of the federal Affordable Care Act in spring 2010 and the multi-year rollout of its consumer health insurance reforms don't mean that everyone will have resources to access health care and prescription medications. In fact, Michigan estimates that some 500,000 state residents will still remain uninsured for health care when the law is fully implemented in 2019.

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If you're among the working-age Upper Peninsula residents who can't afford insurance or don't receive coverage from your employer and are in need of medical care or prescriptions, one of five Access Coalitions of the Upper Peninsula may be able to help.

These community-based programs connect low-income residents with volunteer doctors and other health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and local pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories that contribute health care services, branded and generic drugs and medical testing.

More than 3,000 Upper Peninsula residents are being served annually by Access Coalition programs in their communities -- receiving basic health care services, prescriptions and medical testing free of charge or at low cost.

Information about programs in your area is only a click away. Find the program in your county from the service area map above.